Rigs For Sale! Service Rigs, Drilling Rigs, Jack-Ups!

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GA Drilling Equipment Locators has a wide variety of rigs available from service to drilling and Jack-Ups.

Sample of just some:

1000 HP with full backyard

1300 HP new trailer-mounted

1500 HP SCR rigs with full backyards

Let us know your rig needs, any size, any specifications. We can line you up with the right fit. We also can provide you with options for all workover and drilling equipment, solids control, drill pipe, casing, and other!




Drilling Rigs For Sale

crown 1000 2006

When buying rigs, there are many things to consider which is why we recommend you seek GA Drilling Equipment Locators. We will go over the details of your needs and budget to make you an ideal match.

We can offer a wide variety or rigs including workover rigs, well service rigs, trailer or chassis mounted, track rigs for geo, land rigs of all sizes, jack-up/offshore rigs, barges, and more.

Some of the rigs we deal with are ones that are not publicly known to be for sale and that means that you don’t need to waste your time looking for what is available to make your decision; let us narrow down the candidates. 

Please contact us when you are ready to purchase a rig and we can bring you the ideal candidates, considering all the factors that are priority to you.



Rig Buying? One-Stop Shopping


Rig buying can be an overwhelming process, as there are not only a huge variety of rigs available for different needs, but also sold all over the world. GA Drilling Equipment Locators works with sellers around the world and manufacturers, as well. We have great working relationships that allow us to give you competitive prices and options that aren’t publicly advertised.

We work with all kinds of rigs from workover and well service to land rigs of all sizes, chassis-mounted rigs, trailer-mounted rigs, barge rigs, and jack-up rigs. If you want the rig or the complete package with backyard, we can provide you choices you never knew were available.