16-3/4″ BOP For Sale!

16-3/4″ BOP Complete (single ram,double ram and annular).

Interested purchasers inquire

Mud Pumps, BOP Refurbishing, Tubulars – We Have You Covered!

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Mud pumps, BOP refurbishing, tubulars – just some of the items we handle at GA Drilling Equipment Locators. We work directly with you the buyer and our vast array of sellers to be certain the ideal matches are made.

We handle everything from refineries and power plants to all types of drilling and service rigs, equipment (GenSets, pumps, top drives, iron roughnecks, BOPs, et al) and tubulars.

Let us know what you need!


One-Stop Shopping For O&G Equipment and Rigs


Come to us first with your list and we can give you options.

GA Drilling and Equipment Locators has worldwide connections to find the best available equipment and rigs to meet your needs, many items of which are not publicly known.

What do you need?

BOPs:  Single BOPs, Double BOPs, Annular BOPs, 5K BOP, 10K BOP, 15K BOP, Cameron BOP, Shaffer BOP, Hydril BOP   – we are taking orders for BOP refurbishing by API shop, so let us know if you need this service.

Mud Pumps:  National Oilwell mud pumps, Gardner Denver mud pumps, duplex mud pumps, triplex mud pumps

Top Drives: NOV top drive, Drillmec top drive, TDS top drive, land rig top drive or jack-up rig top drive/offshore top drive

Rigs Rig with backyard, Box on Box rig, jack-up rig, barge rig, trailer-mounted rig, chassis-mounted rig, workover rig, well service rig, track rig

Tubulars:  Length, joints, new or DWB, America, Chinese or other, connections, #, grade, with or without IPC, with or without banding, spiral or slick collars, recess elevators???

Iron roughnecks, GenSets, generators, gas compressors, sleeping containers, coiled tubing units, snubbing units, and more! 

Things to consider – Budget, American or Chinese or other maker, new or used, PSI, preferred manufacturer, time constraints.

We handle most any O&G and mining equipment that is needed including large-scale items like refineries for sale, power plants for sale, offshore rigs, and more. 

*If you have items for sale and would like us to exclusively represent them, we would be pleased to do so.  Just let us know.

The more details you give us about what you are looking for, the more precise we can quote you, saving you time and often unnecessary expenses. We want to be certain you found your equipment.



O&G Equipment For Sale!

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We have such a large variety of listings for sale and these are just some of them –

Ruffneck space heaters, 750T Canrig top drive, iron roughnecks, GenSets, generators, diverters, BOPs, sleeping containers, sheaves, top drives, mud pumps, pipe, CAT crane engine, travelling blocks, shunt motors, and a variety of rig needs from workover to land rigs, chassis-mounted to trailer-mounted, barges to jack-up rigs, as well as power plants, refineries, and a LP gas manufacturing plant.

Contact us for anything you need. We are ready to work exclusively with you on that list of needs to get each one met!